Business Advisory

We help businesses which are facing financial challenges. These challenges may be caused by positive changes in the business, such as rapid growth, or negative events, such as the loss of a key customer.

We provide a range of services to help businesses overcome these challenges:

Performance Reviews

Using a variety of analytical tools we can undertake a financial review of your business, giving you an objective assessment of its strengths and weaknesses.

On completion of our work we will present our findings to your management team; based on our review and your feedback we will work with you to develop an action plan to deliver stability and position the business for growth. 

Raising Finance

The wrong funding structure is a common cause of financial stress, yet it is a problem that can usually be solved with the right advice.

The range of funding options available to UK businesses has never been greater and we can match your business’s funding requirements to the right source of funding, giving you borrowing options which fit your business’s working capital cycle and are priced competitively.  

Cash Flow Management

Cash flow pressure can be all-consuming: it diverts management time and attention from core operations and can jeopardise the financial security of profitable businesses.

We have wide experience of helping management teams who are experiencing cash flow problems and we can work alongside you to get control of your cash flow, alleviating the pressure and letting you get back to running your business.

Stakeholder Management

At times of financial stress you need your major financial stakeholders onside. For most businesses this means your bank or asset based lender.

We have represented hundreds of businesses in negotiations with lenders and we understand how they deal with businesses under financial pressure. In our experience, beginning a proactive, transparent dialogue with your lender is critical to retaining their support, so it’s vital to engage an advisor with the right experience and credibility.

HMRC Negotiations

HMRC arrears are a common symptom of cash flow pressure or business underperformance. Although often perceived as difficult to negotiate with, HMRC is generally a very supportive creditor and is frequently willing to agree long term repayment plans for tax arrears if the request is structured in the right way and based on a properly presented business plan.

We have undertaken dozens of assignments for clients to defer HMRC arrears, frequently agreeing repayment plans of twelve months or longer.  

Accelerated M&A

Where an underperforming or non-core part of your business is absorbing time and financial resources, the best course of action may be to sell it.

We will support you in achieving a quick, efficient sale which will maximise the cash return to the core business and release management time to focus on more profitable areas.